WHAT IS شبكة.?

شبكة. (pronounced shabaka in English) is a TLD (Top-Level Domain) just like .com, .net or.uk, but more importantly it’s an Arabic only TLD.

The most common term for internet in Arabic is شبكة. and is recognised by Arabic speakers everywhere.


شبكة. has the potential to connect with over 380 million Arabic speakers in the Middle East and North Africa alone. Arabic is the world’s 5th most spoken language and is the fastest growing segment on the Internet, (2,500% growth in 10 years to 2011, compared to 300% for English).


شبكة. is easy to type on an Arabic keyboard requiring only four letters and is the open TLD of choice for Arabic Internet users.

شبكة. is the first truly ‘borderless’ non-English TLD on the Internet, free from the sanctions of any one sovereign state.


Funded by a portion of the proceeds from the sale of domain names, the شبكة. Foundation was established to provide funding for research and implementation projects that furthers our vision of a truly internationalized Internet.